A warm Thanks to my generous clients who have shared their experiences and feelings here, which motivates me to do more and carry on my work with added enthusiasm!!         

“The level of service at URJA - HEALING ENERGY is fantastic. I am consistently impressed by Lilly's professionalism and her Amazing Reiki treatments, which are helping me achieve my goals, which I had been struggling with, until I met her. She is helping me with clearing my energy blocks and also giving me tools which I can incorporate in my daily routine myself . I thank her from my heart and wish her success in her venture and vision that she has, to help the people around her and help them to live their life to the fullest!!"
Robert G.
Business Owner,
Surrey, BC.
"If you are looking for some relaxation along with an insight into your soul, I would advise you to go to Lilly, her comforting and stress releasing chair-massage and calming and soothing Reiki healing gives you not only physical but also mental relaxation."
Veena S.
Lab Technician,
Langley, BC.
"I contacted Lilly after I read her brochure which I found at the Local pharmacy. She sounded so kind and loving, when I spoke to her on the phone. I booked the appointment with her for chair massage, as I had a very stiff and painful neck and shoulders. I was so frustrated. When I went to see Lilly,she guided me into her beautiful, serene & peaceful studio, with soothing music and candles. She first discussed my concerns and then made me comfortable on the chair. I was sitting on the massage chair for the first time and was hesitant, but to my surprise it was so comfortable!! The 20 minutes massage that she gave me, you won’t believe, I fell asleep!! It was so relaxing and her touch was so healing. I could literally feel all the tension releasing and my muscles relaxing. I felt myself revitalized!! I had a sound sleep that night after ages!
Later I came to know she also incorporates her Reiki healing energy while giving chair massage which gives added relief to the clients. I am her regular client now!! She does have a healing touch!! I recommend her services, to everyone, as one seldom finds such a person, who put their heart and soul into giving comfort and relief and have your best interest in mind, as a priority! "
Grace George
Production Supervisor,
Surrey, BC.
"Thanks for the distance Reiki session provided by you for my Backpain, the pain subsided & disappeared, after two consecutive sessions. The Reiki was really very effective as well as stress releasing. I once again thank you and wish URJA-Healing Energy a great success in the coming years. Reiki is really amazing!!!     
Dr. Tarun
Tissue Culture, Botany.
"In today's fast paced world, people are confronted with ever-increasing levels of physical, mental and emotional stress. It is also stated that 85% of all illness is a result of some form of stress. I was among those who could not do anything due to high levels of stress. Thanks to Lilly, who healed me through Reiki. It was an amazing experience, to get the Reiki treatment from her. It not only reduced my stress levels but also healed me mentally, emotionally and on spiritual level too. My initial thoughts about Reiki was, that how can a palm healing system work  long distance? But when Lilly treated me from a far distant place like Vancouver, Canada, it was a really amazing and awesome experience. Now I can get a sound sleep and feel enthusiastic and happy each day I wake up. I am also using the tools as suggested by her, each day. Once again thanks to Lilly, for giving me the key to open this secret door of Holistic Wellness!!"
Sushil Kumar
"It’s my first experience with Reiki ever, and I found it a great way of practicing being very still and quiet like doing meditation. Lilly is always calm, welcoming and warm hearted, and you may like her sessions too. Thanks Lilly, I wish you and URJA-Healing Energy a wonderful success".
Business Owner,
Surrey, BC.
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